About Us

Oh hi…

Launched in November 2017, The Bebe Hive is an award winning children's lifestyle store providing sustainable fun for little people.
Our ranges come together to deliver a conscious, design-led collection of ethical lifestyle goods for babies, children + the modern parent.
It's a hive, for you and your little ones to find the best hand picked products from our amazing collection of brands.  We've made sure everything we sell is sustainably sourced and ethically made. The brands we stock take what they do seriously, and so do we...it's important to us to do our bit to look after this planet of ours for our very own little people.
From organic cotton baby toys to dolls of different ethnicities and girl power books, we introduce our little people to important lessons through the power of play.
Where Did We Come From?
Founded by Lauren Rigby in 2017, The Bebe Hive started as a bit of a project after having her second baby.
"When my second baby was reaching 9 months old I was keen to sink my teeth into a bit of a new project. I guess for me the 9-month stage is a little glimmer of light into the tiny bit of freedom leaving the newborn stage brings!
And so I set about doing my research, setting up a company and cracking on with what would be a MUCH bigger project than I had planned for."
A Little Bit About Me
In no particular order...
I am Mum to 'sleep thief' Rupert + 'sassy pants' Billie, you'll mostly find me being a Ghostbuster and patting one of Billie's many ’babies’...whilst trying to drink a cup of tea.
I am a wife to Joe...he makes a cracking cup of tea.
I am a definite do-er, probably more of a starter than a finisher...but my intentions are there! I have learnt SO much about myself, my business and how to and not to run a business over the years. It's tough, but I absolutely love it.
So there you have it, 
We are The Bebe Hive and we are proud to give you the best children’s
products from the most amazing brands, all sustainably sourced and ethically made from across the globe.

Thank You! x