Who Are We?
We are The Bebe Hive - a children's lifestyle store.  We are here to show you the best products from the most amazing brands we can find, supporting small and large businesses from around the globe.  We don't want to stop searching and we are truly excited to share our findings.


So What Do We Do?
The Bebe Hive focus on selling products that are sustainable, ethically sourced and of the highest quality.  We work with people who have a genuine love for their products and we only sell things we love and would buy for our own children to play, grow and learn with. 


About Me?
I'm Lauren. Rupert and Billie’s mum, Joe’s wife and the owner of The Bebe Hive. Hello!

I launched The Bebe Hive in November 2017. I'm not actually sure why, or what made me do it...but I got the bug and after months of planning and working through each nap and bedtime It finally launched. 

Since then things have been pretty mega! I have learnt SO much and I am having the best time!

A few facts...

  • I am a general bossy boots, some people see this as a negative...not me!
  • I am a perfectionist with a photographic memory for random numbers.  Which means I LOVE A STOCK TAKE!
  • Before launching The Bebe Hive I worked as a Buyer for a well known high street pet store...so I'm not completely winging it :)
  • I am a chief organiser
  • I love stuff
  • I enjoy many, many a snack.