Safety Recall



LD 4473 Little Dutch Doctor’s Bag Playset with EAN-code 8713291444737

We have discovered a potential safety problem, which can cause the purple/yellow pills to detach from the strip. This can lead to a severe risk for (very) young children, when they put the detached pills in their mouth (choking hazard).


We have immediately stopped selling this product.  

If you are in possession of the doctor’s kit we urge you to keep these pills out of the reach of children.


We request you to send us the pill strip. For the return label please visit:


Please use this return label to send the pill strip free of charge. Mention your name and address. You will receive a  gift as a replacement and as a thank you for your cooperation.

This product was sold starting September 2019 until now in toy stores, baby stores and online.


Tiamo sets high standards for the quality and safety of its products and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


For more information about this safety warning, we advise you to contact us by E-mail :