It's BLACK FRIDAY and we have a couple of things to say...
We can promise that there have been no price increases made to our products in preparation for our BLACK FRIDAY offers. None. Absolutely none.
When it comes to oversized TV's, half price Alexa's and a 430 piece cutlery sets... we don't love BLACK FRIDAY and to be honest, we were over the BLACK FRIDAY comes early emails weeks ago!
However, we genuinely believe that you can't go wrong with getting 15% off children's toys + gifts. The chances are they were being bought anyway...and this is our way of saying thank you, staying competitive, growing our brand and getting noticed.
So thank you...
* Exclusions apply - FareShare Donations + Bermbach Handcrafted are not included in the BLACK FRIDAY offers. 
The discount will not be removed from these items however they can be purchased in the same order.