Bath toys and fun at the beach.
The Green Toys range of recycled plastic toys is just what bath time ordered.  From the sea copter to the tugboat, these chunky toys are perfect for bath time.  There will be no more muted colours on the side of the bath; Kitpas have that covered!  These crayons (and sponge because they are totally wipe able) are made especially for bath time!  And don’t forget everyone’s favourite, the rubber duck.  Oli & Carol have taken the simple rubber duck and made it fashion.  These natural rubber ducks not only look good, they are mould free and super safe.
Whether it’s the beach or the garden, Scrunch is the new name for must-haves.  The 100% sand derived silicone means you can squish everything from a bucket to a watering can right into your pocket!  And Sunnylife brings all the fun.  From the inflatable penguin water mat to the crocodile super soaker, water has never been so entertaining.
Lets go to the beach…or have a bath!

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