When you Google “What is Black Friday?” you get the following answer…


- 'The day after the US holiday of Thanksgiving, regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season, on which retailers make many special offers.'


WELL, someone needs to tell Google that the world has gone MAD, and that Black Friday is now actually the whole month of November!

It’s insane and strangely it makes us feel super pressured.

I mean…do we really need to be spending £59.99 on another duvet? And more importantly was that duvet ever £199?!

The answer is probably no... to both!

It’s hard for us to keep up, especially as we are giddy shoppers and also shop owners. So, we thought we would do a little guide on how to stay sane when you find yourself behaving like a toddler who’s just got into the biscuit cupboard unsupervised!

  • Ask yourself if the item is something you’ve thought about in the past 6 months? If you’ve been pondering over a new washing machine for months and it just so happens to have 40% off this weekend. GO FOR IT! You’ve saved some cash and you can finally stop harassing Google with your “best washing machines 2018” and “quiet washing machine” questions!

You'll also stop getting those creepy washing machine ads on your phone conveniently after you've just been complaining to your bestie about the price of a good washer!

  • Try and figure out if the saving is genuine. Believe us, we’ve worked for some TASTY retail companies in the past and they aren’t daft...their trick…30 days before Black Friday they inflate their prices, which makes the Black Friday deal look VERY juicy. 
  • It’s only a bargain if you use it…we have LOADS of bargains stuffed in the back of our wardrobes too!
  • Refer back to your Christmas shopping list - if it's on your 3 year olds letter to Father Christmas then GO GO GO!!
  • Sign up to newsletters from the companies you genuinely shop with. That way you’ll be the first to know about their deals and also, the chances are you’ll already have things you want to buy in mind…so the saving is a bonus.

A note on shopping small - oh hello!

Bearing all the above in mind, we would just like to say we can promise that by shopping with us, we can guarantee that our prices haven’t been inflated. We are a small independent business and we value honesty. Our brands and products are hand-picked, and as much as we would love to have a HUGE BLACK FRIDAY BONANZA…our margins don’t allow it. However, by shopping with us you are choosing to shop sustainable, ethically-sourced products that will last a lifetime. And we want to say a huge thanks for that.

Please use code HELLOBLACKFRIDAY at checkout to get 15% off your lovely orders.



- Lauren and Louise 

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  • Julie Startling

    I couldn’t agree more! So much pressure over that Black Friday weekend. I bought more than I’d planned but was very grateful for your code! Thanks ladies. Julie

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